Pete Hamill

Self-described "aging Celtic scribe" Pete Hamill is, in the argot of our time, an old-school journalist and writer. Born in Brooklyn during the 20th century's Great Depression, he was a high school dropout whose first interests were in the visual arts.

KM Soehnlein

K.M. Soehnlein

"I think what preoccupies me is transition, that zone between one place of relative stasis to another, in particular how we act, or react, when we don't know what will happen next. Or, put another way: during moments when external circumstances throw us into crisis or flux, what do we do?"

rick moody

Rick Moody

Rick Moody is one of the most celebrated American writers of his generation. His work includes four novels: Garden State, The Ice Storm, Purple America, and The Diviners, as well as three collections of short fiction, The Ring of Brightest Angels Around Heaven, Demonology, and Right Livelihoods.

Joe Quirk

Joe Quirk

Have you ever asked yourself the deepest philosophical question that drives all introspection, which is: Why am I so neurotic and screwed up? Well, stop blaming your mother. It’s because you have three brains, and they have never once agreed on anything.