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The Girlfriend Game: 5 Questions with Nick Antosca

Nick Antosca

“Spin the wheel and get a girlfriend. Will she be Vera Nabokov, or will she be Zelda Fitzgerald? Just be nice to her.”

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Monday’s Margins: Casino Pulitzer Remix Kickstarter

Casino Gambling Chips

Lit-link roundup: Pulitzer Do-Over, 50 Short Fictions at Wigleaf, Nick Antosca, Blake Butler, Alix Ohlin, TMN contest, Baffler fundraiser and more.

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Author Q&A: Nick Antosca (The Obese)

Nick Antosca with cutout of Stephen King

“The best is when you start narrating your own life in the voice of a book in which you’ve recently lost yourself.”

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Monday’s Margins: Sweet Talking The Obese Naked Leaf Peeper

What can a short story do that a novel can’t do? Find out…

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What We’re Reading: August 2009

I’ve got the latest issues of American Short Fiction and One Story next to me on my couch, alongside James Hannaham’s God Says No and the new Flannery: A Life of Flannery O’Connor by Brad Gooch (the latter two by Little, Brown).

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Midnight Picnic

Just finished Midnight Picnic by Nick Antosca…in the middle of Walt Disney: Triumph of the American Imagination by Neal Gabler (fascinating tale about one ambitious fellow…unfortunately, the story’s often about business, with many numbers crunched).

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Ben Sobel tests cosmetic products on small, restrained mammals for a living. He puts makeup in their eyes and records how long it takes to destroy the corneas. He shaves them and applies nail polish to skin. He puts hand lotion into orifices. This is a real thing he does, for money.

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Featured Author: Nick Antosca

Nick Antosca was named our featured author this month for his short story "Amphibian." Nick Antosca. 23 years old. Average height and appearance. Last night he looked out an airplane window for the first time in six years. He saw his house. The glow of suburban sprawl is lifeless green and looks like another planet, […]

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Dad’s presence had shed a sort of good light on everything, but with him gone we could all see each other better: My brother was good and deserved a lot, my mother was weak and needed care, and I was not a good person.

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