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Mapping a Country

Keke Napep in Nigeria

Am I cutting myself? Does the country hurt much? Why are you crying?

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Aaron Burr: Good Father, Good Shot

Heartbreak of Aaron Burr cover

H.W. Brands’s The Heartbreak of Aaron Burr lays out the details of Burr’s lifetime in short, swiftly moving chapters.

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DVD REVIEW: The Lark Farm

The Lark Farm

Credit should be given for putting a long overdue spotlight on this atrocious chapter of 20th century history.

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Killing Ground, Healing Ground: An Interview with Photographer John Huddleston

Dilapidated Bathroom by John Huddleston

Armed with a camera, Middlebury College professor John Huddleston makes pilgrimages into the American landscape to capture touchstones for shared cultural memory.

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A People’s History, The Dark Materials, Becoming Jane Austen

Very recently I began a journey that many others were already on. Person after person kept mentioning the same book to me that they were very hungrily reading. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, you ask? No, indeed not. (Besides, I read that the night it came out like the crazy, sleep-deprived maniac I was.) […]

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Natasha’s Dance

I just started Orlando Figes’ excellent Natasha’s Dance: The Cultural History of Russia

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Germany Year Zero

History is constantly torn between science and art. Sometimes, people try to resolve this dilemma by pulling art, and fiction in particular, toward the scientific, sometimes, by stressing the artistic side of science, and, sometimes, by calling it a void argument. But how do we avoid a question inscribed in the ambiguity of the very […]

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