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white dog

“Why do you have a dog that will bite me?”

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Interview: Heather Donahue, Author of Growgirl

Heather Donahue with her dog Vito

“Free, right? That’s the best of our national brand. America: Home of the Babysat. Just doesn’t have the same ring.”

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Meditating with Mabel

We considered Mabel housebroken, but as any good Buddhist—or new dog owner—knows, identity is a construct, subject to change. In other words, accidents happen, especially when no one’s watching.

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Janet Desaulniers

Author of What You’ve Been Missing talks with Alex Shapiro

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November 23, 2003: “Rosie is not reading this book…”

Rosie is not reading this book. But she is helping out. Read on. Recently I went to some Homo sapiens events with Rosie, my steadfast canine companion. They weren’t billed as dog-friendly events, but such is my arrogance (or confidence) that I thought nothing of making Rosie my date. It helped, of course, that I […]

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