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On Stuff

Pile of clothes

I feel like I’m in an abandoned Marshalls warehouse.

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A Stroller in a Supermarket

Supermarket aisle

Bare backs, bare arms, strong scents. You haven’t touched another human being in a while. Sharing spaces imbued in aroma is intimacy.

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Why Insomniacs Will Buy Anything from Anybody, Etc.

We’ll always shell out for the latest, greatest sleep aid, and we won’t count off ten sheep before rushing to do so.

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No Epiphany in the Bakery

Why have I bought this cranberry muffin? It sits on a glass plate by the window seat of the Destination Baking Company—a small muffin, the top crunchy with sugar, the berries bleeding into the yellow bread. My action seems ordinary, and yet I am not hungry. The muffin hollows out around the cranberries like a […]

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