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Local Flavor

Woman at Bar

It’s one of those winter nights that makes you think about moving to Florida, telling the Midwest to go screw itself and holing up beside the Gulf for the rest of your life.

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Where It Grows


I’m standing in the grocery store balancing cloves of garlic in either hand. They are for my vagina.

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The Diploma Mill

America has reached its highest level of adult illiteracy in decades. Although I cannot speak for education in general, I do believe there are several reasons why we are experiencing a crisis at the college level.

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Your Guide to College

So you’ve flown the nest, busted out of the coop, kicked your way out of the house that holds you? Congratulations on being accepted into the realm of higher education. You need to know a few things first, since people are going to be filling your heads full of nonsense real soon. There are only […]

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