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Ben Sobel tests cosmetic products on small, restrained mammals for a living. He puts makeup in their eyes and records how long it takes to destroy the corneas. He shaves them and applies nail polish to skin. He puts hand lotion into orifices. This is a real thing he does, for money.

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As I Lay Wired

At home, my parents, both children of the ’60s, eschewed the "evils" of caffeine in lieu of wheatgrass shakes and soy milk slurpees. However, thrust into my newfound fame, I fell full-bore into the lifestyle.

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Dinosaur House

I crave the heavy earth and stiff air of this city. That’s why I stay here. I like the dusty museums of old houses, their bookcases the threshold of love and information. I make it to the Julianne’s Mom’s old mosquitoed house in the dead part of the night, half past midnight, crickets and neighbors’ […]

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Dumb Lumbering Beasts

-1- Three men stood statue-like in an isolated corner of the otherwise bustling loft, gazing in mock adoration and secret scorn at the outlandish clay sculpture blocking their view of the rooftops, church steeples and crumbling smokestacks of Ohio City. The sculpture, by far the largest exhibit in the newly restored warehouse, seemed to wobble […]

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An Evening on Peaceful Quiet Street

The hawkers’ cries herald the beginning or the winding down of any given day here. Now it’s half past five o’clock p.m., and the sound of their sonorous voices as they walk up and down Peaceful Quiet Street stretches into its forte. "Buy a newspaper!" "Need your shoes cobbled? Need them polished?" "I can fix […]

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Interpellation Made Simple: Or, The Tale of Charette Cadet

And after pointing out the way to the bathroom Charette found herself quickly scuttling away, if only to prevent herself from blurting out how another vous could earn him the special surprise of a cake with ground-up glass in it.

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Frank Bollinger Day

He was somebody all right, except of course for the bitter fact that he had been fired from every job he’d listed on his resumé. You’ve got to think the guy is either confident or nuts.

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The Sleeping Shags

Billy was somewhat ashamed of his father, embarrassed some as well, at his father’s now lethargic and flabby body. He decided that his ass would be the new target.

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New Amsterdam

The audience was still laughing at the story Kevin appeared to have told off the top of his head. It was more likely, as I knew, that he had written the entire anecdote out on the set list.

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Without Biting the Fruit of Knowledge

Eve dislikes being unable to see the floor.

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About the Mystery Man: He is being universally described as a hero.
It seems to be true. And I for one will say I am glad about it,
because we need heroes, and in recent times so many people have
bandied about the term for just about anyone, usually for political

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A Woman Talking to Albatrosses About Monogamy

What got to me about Tim was his wanting the same things I did, his urge to understand everything. Nowadays I feel like I understand about all I can take.

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Demon Love Story

It’s as exciting as it was when you first met Satan, even accounting for the fact that then you were naive and now you’ve been around the block a few times.

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A Hard Truth About Waste Management

They would sit in their three chairs and watch their trash get sucked down into the hole at the bottom of the toilet, which had a permanent black ring smeared around it, and they would cheer and punch their fists together.

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The best entertainments come from one’s own body.

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