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Sally in the World

For Sale Sign

Every night, she waited for Krishna as all milkmaids wait for spiritually blue-skinned men. She met him and waited and met him again.

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My Girlfriend from the Future

Girlfriend from the Future

Love is a choice, a commitment two people make to each other, and with this girl I was beginning to feel like that decision had already been made for me. What had Alternate Future Me been thinking?

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The Kaleidoscopic Story


Perhaps the only way kaleidoscopes can forever renew themselves is by not asking you to look into them, but by asking you to look out from them. Why not?

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The Gods Watched


At first there was one god. As far as it knew, it was entirely alone in an endless expanse of nothingness.

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An Unwelcome Calm

Woman fishing in bikini

Her body required more than his: more heat, more alcohol, more specialized treatments, and always more attention.

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A Stroller in a Supermarket

Supermarket aisle

Bare backs, bare arms, strong scents. You haven’t touched another human being in a while. Sharing spaces imbued in aroma is intimacy.

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To Consider When Missing Your Sisters


Think about the time Elizabeth tried to kill you. How she threw one of your mother’s navy blue pumps at your forehead. She hoped the three-inch heel would go straight through your skull and lodge into your brain.

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Jack & Emily Texas Roadside Incident, Summer 2012

West Texas Roadside

It’s the adult thing to do, thought Jack, to help people if you can. Then, no, he thought. It’s the childish thing, the need to find out if the world’s promise of danger is real.

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Woman Hibernating

Louise decided that in the winter she would hibernate. She created a cave in her bedroom closet and filled it with modern necessities.

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Once, when we were younger, Mr. Shabadogi, Navid and I threw pennies into the water below the bridge and wished we weren’t spending Thanksgiving in Baltimore.

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Queen of the Damned


Lucy is pregnant. She calls the clinic and makes an appointment for her fourth abortion. She is twenty-three.

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Nice To Have a Man Around the House

Nice to Have a Man Around the House

Just because a man shows up on your balcony doesn’t mean it’s a good thing, no matter how agreeable he is.

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We Are The Pretty

We are the Pretty

We talk about you behind your back, Samantha Oswald. In the hallways and the bathrooms and the cafeteria. In the locker room after field hockey practice. You’re very popular.

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A Bird in the House

Life is not how you thought it was. An intruder is in your house. Glassy, unclosing eyes have been watching your most secret rituals.

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Please Note That I Am Not Burt Reynolds*

Burt Reynolds

There was probably a point when I should have mentioned that I wasn’t actually Burt Reynolds.

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