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File Under "Stupid Shit"

At least that’s what Birnbaum said when sending this piece: Did He Kiss Joe? By William F. Buckley Jr.…the narrative returns to the 50th anniversary dinner, at which Lieberman and I were seated at the same table. In the days that followed, the Democratic blogosphere gave Lieberman hell for showing up at my party, reading […]

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Venezuela Information Office

Those of you interested in Latin America must visit, a site designed to “educate the public about contemporary Venezuela.”As the world’s fifth-largest oil producer, Venezuela has long been a country of contrasts. Despite its great wealth, 80 percent of Venezuelans live in poverty. To address this injustice, the state-owned oil company has increased annual […]

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Grassroots Activism

The Kids Are Alright: Global Youth Connectby Jay BlotcherWhen the Bush regime’s tenure has ended, the United States will likely address itself to the task of rebuilding its soured relations with other countries. (A survey of people in 15 countries conducted last spring by the Pew Research Center charted drops as low as 56 percent […]

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Congressional Hearings on Guantanamo

From the wires…WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court’s rebuff of the Bush administration’s Guantanamo military tribunals knocks the issue into the halls of Congress, where GOP leaders are already trying to figure out how to give the president the options he wants for dealing with suspected terror detainees.That way forward could be long and difficult. Congress […]

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ACORN takes on Sherwin-Williams and Poison Paint

Report Documents Sherwin-Williams Culpability for Lead Paint Poisoning and other Environmental Abuses. ACORN Urges more City and State Governments to File Suit.ACORN, the Associated of Community Organizations for Reform Now, has started a campaign in response to Sherwin-Williams’ negligence regarding lead-based paint. The following is a blurb about the action being taken. More information about […]

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Feds drop request for library records

From the AP wires:Federal authorities have dropped their demand for records from a library computer, but not without warning the librarians who refused to release them that under other circumstances their failure to cooperate “could have increased the danger of terrorists succeeding.” … “While the government’s real motives in this case have been questionable from […]

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Campaign for an Oil Free Congress

Over at there’s a sort of vague anti-Big Oil campaign going on. The rationale:Since 1990, Big Oil has given more than $190 million to members of Congress and 75% ($142,635,314!) of those donations have gone to Republicans. Those donations guarantee an energy policy that serves the oil industry’s interests over the public interest. Until […]

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The End of Net Neutrality?

Big Telecom companies want to control the internetIn the days ahead, if we abandon Net Neutrality and some big honcho in New York City decides websites like this one aren’t worth putting on his company’s search engine, or provider package, it could be lost.These corporations very well could decide what is and what isn’t available […]

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Nickel and Dimed Again

The Republican-controlled Senate refused Wednesday to raise the minimum wage, rejecting an election-year proposal from Democrats for the first increase in nearly a decade.

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More on Gore’s "Truth"

From the Madison Capital Times via Common Dreams:The brutal reality is this: If we don’t stem the carbon dioxide emissions, we will see nations’ entire coastlines under water from the rise in sea levels due to melting glaciers, other nations with such severe droughts that their populations risk starvation, and the extinction of millions of […]

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Global Responses to Global Threats

The Oxford Research Group has released a new report…This major new report is the result of an 18-month long research project examining the various threats to global security, and sustainable responses to those threats.Current security policies assume international terrorism to be the greatest threat to global security, and attempt to maintain the status quo and […]

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Op-ed article about Darfur

Dealing With the Devil in Darfur Submitted by Julie Flint from Beirut, Lebanon.Excerpt:AS the peace talks for the Darfur region of Sudan drew to a close last month, the United States took over the task of defining the solution. Deputy Secretary of State Robert Zoellick flew into Abuja, Nigeria, where the talks were being held, […]

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School for Bolivian Street Children

My cousin Shannon is doing some real social justice by starting a school for street children in Bolivia this summer. To check out her travels, visit

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Mary Cheney

I heard Mary Cheney on NPR the other day while driving through the Mojave. She was pimping her newly released memoir, Now It’s My Turn (which isn’t selling well), and bashing John Edwards and John Kerry while expressing strong support for the war in/on Iraq. On Fox News, she spoke out against the federal marriage […]

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From Her Lips to God’s Ears

The local “indie” radio station here in Gainesville has been playing a song about Condoleezza Rice quite a bit. It goes a little something like this:“After all this death and destructionDo you really think your actions advocate freedom?The president’s giving a speech in GeorgetownTo remember the voice of a slain civil rights leaderDo you understand […]

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