“One of the good reasons to read the Boston Globe…” –Oct. 6, 2002

One of the good reasons to read the Boston Globeis the appearance of Katherine Powers’ column, A ReadingLife. Always, or almost always on the money, this weeks entryfocuses on diaries—something I am acutely interested in—asI try for the umpteenth time in my life to keep track of well...That’sthe nub of it for me, What am I trying to keep track of? Powersoffers some reasons to plod on:

“The real essence of a diary, its quintessence,in fact, is the working of time, the accretion, augmentation, suppression,rejection and mutation of the writer’s impressions of the worldand himself. It is a gradual accumulation, a product of circumstanceand will. No plot can be imposed on a diary; attempts at it breakdown and can be seen through…the tale meanders on entry afterentry, heading who knows where. It is uncontrollable, a force ofnature…”

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