Notes on Emily Meg Weinstein’s "Noise" Essay

We have recently undergone a change in our nonfiction section, adding new editors such as Amy Lee Scott and Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich to the roster.

“Noise” by Emily Meg Weinstein was the first essay we’ve posted since the change, and I think it’s an excellent start.

This essay was selected because of the author’s writing style and voice, which our editors found “robust,” “energetic,” “thoughtful,” and “sprawling (in a good way).” Alexandria was especially impressed by the essay’s tone, which she said “balanced the essayistic/reflective and the very au courant.” She also noted that she “would read anything that had that first line.”

“Noise” was Emily’s second published piece on Identity Theory; in 2005, she wrote an essay called “Apprehension, or size 6 knee-length empire-waist strapless in burnt sienna silk shantung with pomegranate bow band.”

What do you think of “Noise”?

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