Monday’s Margins: Book Snobbery, Short Stories, Reading the Classics, and Author Interviews/Reviews

…Over at the Virginia Quarterly Review’s blog, Mandy Redig talks about book snobbery. “Despite its world-wide popularity and the fact that Stephenie Meyer’s debut novel has sold 17 million copies, I just can’t help my tendency to, well, smirk.”

…A.O. Scott talks about one of my favorite literary forms, the short-story, over at The New York Times in an essay called “In Praise of the American Short Story.” I’m not sure how I feel about his claim that the Kindle will help with a resurgence of short-story readers.

…Lydia Kiesling has been blogging about Modern Library books over at The Millions. Her latest post talks about the Alexandria Quartet.

…The April issue of Bookslut has a wide variety of author interviews and reviews as usual, including some contributions from yours truly.
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