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Keyword Haiku

Haiku formed by keyword searches leading to identity theory

by Matt Borondy


elizabeth smart tortured sex
is elizabeth smart pregnant?
don't let it bring you down, neil young


why do people follow buddha?
does the christian identity smuggle cigarettes?
who is the little man called buddha?


where is the video of jesus being crucified?
public restrooms in ancient rome


pope's theory on homosexuality:
nice thong


genocides in 1990s
when we sobered up from our patriotic spree
is avenging crime the aim of government?


naked woman cake
she has pms
dealing with adultery


how do you tell a story from a deaf man's point of view?
how can i read people's mannerisms?
teach me how to knit online



the strength of god

microwave weeding

i am plus size and short

greyhound asshole driver

what can you see on the front of a woman that can be seen at the back of a cow....

to avoid what is strong, attack what is weak

is making fun of people a form of admiration?

european graduate school crap

i am secretly an important man jesse

the probable impossible is better than the improbable possible

look, it's either me or them. you're gettin fucked one way or the other


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