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New Wave Knitters
Knitting makes me want to rent movies and sit at home on the weekends. It's cheap, stress-reducing (as long as you don't stress out about it), and makes you think of all the people you want to keep warm.

Wheatgrass: A shot of Chi?   
Watching someone grind a few blades of grass into a one-ounce shot of anti-cancer juice, that was even more exciting than showing up at Krispy Kreme to find the neon HOT DONUTS NOW sign shining in all its glory.

Images from the LA sex industry, by Susannah Breslin: "A Family Portrait" | "Come See Allycin" | "Sex $75"

The Truth about Women
What turns such normally sweet females into frightening Megabitches?

2 + 2 = Death
Is fear of the number four causing fatal heart problems in thousands of Asian Americans?

Life on 24 Hours a Day
Nothing in life is humdrum.

Kava: A healthy stress reliever
Since anxiety is such a prevalent disorder, the prospect of treating it in a non-addictive way has people beating a path to their local health food stores.

The story behind
Denise Rissell started writing the columns and stick-figure cartoons as a form of personal therapy and is now embarking on an outreach mission to share her maternal experiences with the world. One mom wrote her to say, "You make me feel like I'm not a crappy mom..."


As of mid-March 2003, the Home/Body section is defunct. For the most recent content of this nature, visit the nonfiction section. Or return to the Identity Theory homepage.


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