(Emptiness / “Zen, Buddhism” / and wrds)

Buddhists say that constructed images and words are empty because they are merely referents to experience rather than experience itself. Enlightenment is an experience rather than a concept, and this experience is ineffable. Words feign importance but lead us nowhere in themselves. I used the word “experience” four times in the first two sentences. The word “experience” is not experience. I said nothing. You thought something. Are still thinking something. Is my grammar correct. Punctuation! Is “experience” word the experience not. Together, in different ways, moved around, yee hah words and images are control, attempts at control. They try to persuade. They work at subconscious levels in order to indoctrinate. In order to create someone else’s change. Sentence structure. (these are far from original ideas, etc.) Words out of order, if placed intentionally out of order. Words. The end: delusion, illusion, not In the way. So what you do instead is. Is. sit. Without any idea of sitting. Then you can see. Seeeeeeee. What is “see”? Nothing. “Form is emptiness; emptiness is form.” What is “nothing”? Oh no, oh no, what is nothing? You can’t see nothing in the word nothing. You have to see nothing in your own experience. That word again. Experience. Experience.

If there were no words, no images, no external representation, would memory be more accurate?

Can you ask a question without words?

Ah, but the thing is, Donald, there are names. Britain, how do you have an identity without words? Names. Magic. Jesus

Christ. “GOODBYE MY FRIEND IT’S HARD TO DIE / when all the birds are singing in the sky.” -Terry Jacks

Words contain opinions. Like, really, if you say something is, say, “exquisite,” then you are missing something, the essence.

Essence. = ?

composition . . . the dominant composition taught from day 1 (approximately) in skool is culturally dependant and molds minds together in unnatural ways. makes people represent their experiences. Experiences. in the same way and if you cannot represent yourself in composition than you are lesser. Lesser. a person.

Disco. Jazz. Norman Mailer. Guitar. Andy Warhol’s car crashes. James Dean’s real car crash. James Dean’s real car crash in the realm of mainstream American conversation.

So like, have you ever really been Zen?? Zen.

Et Cetera to talk bullring of is not bulls the same being as in the. “To talk of bulls is not the same as being in the bullring.” I don’t know who said that, but I think he was alive. Alive. when he said it. “Alive” “Evil A”

Be careful your own mind is at stake.

Be careful your own mind is a steak.

A New York Strip.

Called Madison Avenue.

On sale.

Expiring by the minute. Minute.


“Robert Cohn was once middleweight boxing champion of Princeton.”. ,. Ernest hemingWAY wrote that.

A sentence is. Is. the packaging of knowledge. Zen is. Is. the attainment of nothing. Nothing. more than “Did I say that?”” What I add is. Is. what I subtract. Oh, yeah, and if you call someone Hey did you ever read the Bible is. Is. that how you get to heaven reading the Bible words.

See the thing is. Is., it’s. It’s. not easy to trust one who does not use. Use. words. Words. normally. Normally.

writing is. Is. an art.

Photography is. Is. an art.

For people far apart.

For people far apart.

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