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Polly Frost is a humor writer and a new media producer. Her humor has been published in The Atlantic, The New Yorker, the New York Times and Scene4. One of her humor pieces is an upcoming Story of the Week in Narrative magazine. Her book of satirical horror stories, "Deep Inside" was published by Tor in 2007. Praise for the book included The Austin Chronicle and adult film legend Ron Jeremy. She is married to and frequently collaborates with Ray Sawhill. Their comedy "The Last Artist in New York City" was performed at PS 122 in May, and their theater project "Sex Scenes" was performed across the country in 2007 in 9 cities and is now avalable as an audio entertainment on CD and as a download. Together with director Matt Lambert, Polly and Ray co-wrote and co-produced "The Fold" a sci fi burlesque webseries starring Julie Atlas Muz. Released in 2008, it was compared by film critic David Chute to early Almodovar. Website:

Art Women: A Guide to Museum Women

If, as a practical matter, The Curator spends most of her energy enhancing her reputation among the cosmopolitan museum set — well, so much the better! After all, you don’t expect her to stick around this hick town for long, do you?

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