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Philip Christman

Phil Christman is finishing his MFA in fiction at University of South Carolina-Columbia. His work has appeared in Annalemma, Paste, Books & Culture, Mercy Review, the NWSA Journal, and Christian Century, among other places.

Declan Kiberd’s Ulysses and Us: The Art of Everyday Life in Joyce’s Masterpiece

Declan Kiberd, a professor of Irish literature, has set out to rescue Ulysses from its reputation.

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George Scialabba’s What Are Intellectuals Good For?

Scialabba writes as if he’s trying by sheer example value to will a smarter, more honest, more aesthetically and morally sensitive Left into being.

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Gary Lutz’s Stories in the Worst Way

Philip Christman reviews the Calamari Press reissue of Lutz’s 1996 collection

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