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Matthew Flaming's short fiction and essays have appeared both online and in print. More of his book reviews can be found on Word Riot ( and his home on the web is For money he works in the software industry in the Pacific Northwest. You can email him at

Portrait of the Author as a Revolutionary: Matthew Flaming Reviews Ian Spiegelman’s Everyone’s Burning

The marketing attached to Ian Spiegelman’s first novel, Everyone’s Burning, is a masterpiece in this genre of the subtle sell.

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The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Writer: The Work of David Castleman

Castleman’s writing bears the indelible stamp of being the work of an outsider; his stories and prose are the words of a loner.

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Death Writ Small: Matthew Flaming Reviews Adam Voith’s Stand Up, Ernie Baxter: You’re Dead

Ernie Baxter begins with the death of the eponymous character, a small-time stand up comedian from the Midwest, who watches and narrates from heaven as his friends and family cope with his passing.

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From Liberty Cabbage to Freedom Fries

Or: The Ethical Crisis of the Contemporary American Left Like many twenty-something liberals, I suppose, until the fall of 2001 when the advent of the War on Terror put a final end to any lingering vestiges of the Long Boom, my political ethics were largely a matter of faith. Raised by moderate parents and educated […]

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