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Staff Reading: February 2006

Christian Bauman (Assistant Editor)Reading “A Pale View of Hills” by Kazuo Ishigruo. My sister, who is in college at Wesleyan, has a different last name than mine, is very much younger than me, but is one my all-around favorite people in the world, recommended it to me. It’s a wonderful read so far.Robert Birnbaum (Editor-at-Large)Record […]

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What our Readers are Reading

most of the last several books i’ve read have been titles i’ve heard about from neil gaiman. many out of print, cost me a fortune to get them over here from the UK, but all have been very very good imho. just finished his ‘anansi boys,’ which took me a while to get into — […]

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Lutz, Horses, Bukowski

It took an unusual amount of effort to get my hands on a copy of I Looked Alive: Stories by Gary Lutz, but after hearing his name accompanied with glowing approval from various reliable sources (incl. Kevin Sampsell, Ross Simonini, and an article in the latest Poets & Writers) I assumed it would be well […]

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What the BookPeople Staff was Reading a While Ago

A few months ago, like Octoberish, when living in the great city of Austin, I got bored at work and decided to call the BookPeople staff to see what they were reading, because I thought it might go well with this blog. They were very helpful and did a little internal survey and gave me […]

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IDT Staff Reading List in January (2006)

Ross Simonini: God Lives in St. Petersburg by Tom Bissell; Jernigan by David Gates (for an Interview); The Family Daughter by Maile Meloy (for Review); Home Land by Sam Lipsyte (for an Interview); Denial of Death by Ernest Becker; Perfume by Patrick SuskindLisa Szkatulski: I’m working on Living to Tell the Tale, the memoirs of […]

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Kerouac in Florida

I picked up a signed copy of Kerouac in Florida: Where the Road Ends today at a vegetarian restaurant/used bookstore in Gainesville. Bob Kealing, a TV reporter for Channel 2 News in Orlando who does not look like someone who’d be all that into Beat Generation writing, put together this well researched book about Jack […]

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The Pilgrimage

“The first symptom of the process of our killing our dreams is the lack of time” …. “The busiest people I have known in my life always have enough time to do everything. Those who do nothing are always tired and pay no attention to the little amount of work they are required to do. […]

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Magazines, Because

I have not read a book cover-to-cover in months. Lots of driving and poker instead. But I had this really long plane flight from Austin to Las Vegas after Thanksgiving and read an article about Intelligent Design in the New Yorker. At least I think it was the New Yorker. I think instead of teaching […]

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Binion’s Room 1016

The novelty of lodging in the Positively Fifth Street room is somewhat lost on me — it’s just like the last room I was in, only slightly more literary.

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The Literature of Poker

Anyone with an email account or a television is aware that the popularity of the game of poker is at an all-time high.

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Making up for lost time

Jeannette Walls’ nicely written memoir The Glass Castle is hanging out in my laptop case. I’ve enjoyed the first few chapters and hope to finish it this week and maybe talk to her about the book for Identity Theory. I also picked up as a birthday present to myself Reb Anderson’s Being Upright: Zen Meditation […]

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We’re Not Racists, We Promise

In a recent Identity Theory newsletter, I posed the question, "Does anyone know of any good Oriental places to eat in Austin?"

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What RB’s Reading

I’m reading:No Country for Old Men – Cormac McCarthyLazar Malkin Enters Heaven – Steve SternLong Way Down – Nick HornbyReversing the Curse – Dan ShaughnessySeamanship – Adam NicholsonJim Shepard’s “Saving Private Ryan and the Politics of Deception” in The Believer (#24)-Robert Birnbaum

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What Birnbaum’s Reading

Metropolis – Elizabeth GaffneyCast of Shadows – Kevin GuilfoyleTorture and Truth – Mark DannerThe Stone Fields – Courtney Angela BrkicGod Lives in St. Petersburg – Tom BissellTropic of Night – Michael Gruber 100% Evil – Nicholas Blechman & Christoph NiemannReview of Deborah Lipstadt’s History on Trial by Charles Taylor ( Scocca’s hilarious send-up of the […]

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Lolita’s First Lines

Chris’s invitation to beginnings coincides with my obsession with this one. My husband introduced me to this first paragraph and I have to admit that when I first read it my eyes glazed over the surface like a marble on linoleum. As I have inched my way through the book and look back on those […]

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