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Five Myths that Sanction Israel’s War Crimes

An article by Jonathan Cook from regarding conflict in the Middle East.Five Myths

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A letter from Chomsky and others on the recent events in the Middle East (July 19, 2006):

The latest chapter of the conflict between Israel and Palestine began when Israeli forces abducted two civilians, a doctor and his brother, from Gaza. An incident scarcely reported anywhere, except in the Turkish press. The following day the Palestinians took an Israeli soldier prisoner – and proposed a negotiated exchange against prisoners taken by the […]

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A gripping diary of one week in the life and death of Beirut

Sunday 16 JulyIt is the first time I have actually seen a missile in this war. They fly too fast – or you are too busy trying to run away to look for them – but this morning, Abed and I actually see one pierce the smoke above us. “Habibi (my friend)!” he cries, and […]

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The child lies like a rag doll – a symbol of the latest Lebanon war

By Robert Fisk in Beirut 07/20/06 “The Independent” — — How soon must we use the words “war crime”? How many children must be scattered in the rubble of Israeli air attacks before we reject the obscene phrase “collateral damage” and start talking about prosecution for crimes against humanity?

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Blood Pact: American Hegemony and the True Bush "Base"

An interesting blog with comments and articles by Chris Floyd about the American policy toward Iraq. Empire Burlesque

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The Politics of American Greed

“I don’t get it. What’s the percentage in keeping the minimum wage at $5.15 an hour? After nine years? This is such an unnecessary and nasty Republican move. Congress has voted seven times to raise its own wages since last the minimum wage budged. Of course, Congress always raises its own salary in the dark […]

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Some words from Eduardo Galeano

Today, there are certain things one can’t say in the face of public opinion:* capitalism wears the stage name “market economy”* imperialism is called “globalization”* the victims of imperialism are called “developing countries,” much as a dwarf might be called a “child”* opportunism is called “pragmatism”* treason is called “realism”* poor people are called “low-income […]

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Quotation of the Day

“The worst violators of nature and human rights never go to jail. They hold the keys. In the world as it is, the looking-glass world, the countries that guard the peace also make and sell the most weapons. The most prestigious banks launder the most drug money and harbor the most stolen cash. The most […]

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The National Anthem Sung in Spanish?

Fear of a Non-English NationLanguage is one of the most significant cultural markers of a nation. It follows then that a war against immigration and foreign influence would also be a war against language. Written by Pancho McFarland, an assistant professor at Chicago State University, this article discusses the important of language and what causes […]

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"One Vast Extended Crime Against the Iraqi People"

The Occupation of Iraqi Hearts and MindsWritten on July 4th, this article by Nir Rosen discusses the occupation of Iraq the way he’s seen it transpire. A fluent Arab speaker, Mr. Rosen gives an even harsher human side to the war.

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Grassroots Activism

The Kids Are Alright: Global Youth Connectby Jay BlotcherWhen the Bush regime’s tenure has ended, the United States will likely address itself to the task of rebuilding its soured relations with other countries. (A survey of people in 15 countries conducted last spring by the Pew Research Center charted drops as low as 56 percent […]

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ACORN takes on Sherwin-Williams and Poison Paint

Report Documents Sherwin-Williams Culpability for Lead Paint Poisoning and other Environmental Abuses. ACORN Urges more City and State Governments to File Suit.ACORN, the Associated of Community Organizations for Reform Now, has started a campaign in response to Sherwin-Williams’ negligence regarding lead-based paint. The following is a blurb about the action being taken. More information about […]

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Op-ed article about Darfur

Dealing With the Devil in Darfur Submitted by Julie Flint from Beirut, Lebanon.Excerpt:AS the peace talks for the Darfur region of Sudan drew to a close last month, the United States took over the task of defining the solution. Deputy Secretary of State Robert Zoellick flew into Abuja, Nigeria, where the talks were being held, […]

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The Gaming Graveyard

An art professor has developed a game that memorializes the names of people killed in Iraq.What do you think? Does this make an effective statement?See: Professor Uses America’s Army Game to Protest Against the War in Iraq

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Social Justice Book Reviews: Denis O’Hearn’s Nothing but an Unfinished Song and Nancy Altman’s The Battle for Social Security

Denis O’Hearn’s recent book focuses on the life and death of hunger striker Bobby Sands.

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