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Scandinavia, Dreams, and Polar Bears: 12 Questions with Phon°noir


“I am ready to spend weeks on one song until I finally get as close as possible to that vision. Yet, my ways of getting there are rather unpredictable.”

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The Magus by John Fowles

At the start of this year I started reading The Magus by John Fowles. For some reason, I never heard about him at college or anywhere else. I think that this book was recommended in a Jesse Ball interview I was reading. So I ordered it from the library. And now I’m going to read […]

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trying to read proust

most years there is one book that slows down my reading progress. usually because it is a great book, and i read it too carefully with a pen in my hand for writing in the spines.

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new year’s eve. i have slept on a love seat with my feet up and my head down and allergy medication so my head is full of blood and rain and driving roads. i dream i write a brilliant story but upon waking i only remember the words “white” “crayon” and “sky” from the final […]

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