• Essays

    Rosemary's Baby book coverIra Levin’s Creepy Valentine: Rosemary’s Baby and the Power of Place

    Rosemary’s Baby entered my life at the same time as my growing awareness of the power and mystery of place.

  • Poetry

    Frozen clotheslineA Clothesline in Winter

    What is it we wear
    when there is nothing left
    but rigid names for impossible
    unsullied things?

  • Essays

    Activist holding signCusterism (A Manifesto of Doubt)

    I write this to you because I wonder if we can ever overcome what we are: prototypical comfortable liberals with radical pretensions.

  • Fiction


    We live in the forest because the trees are gone. All of our shade comes from elsewhere, and it cannot stay.

  • Fiction

    For Sale SignSally in the World

    Every night, she waited for Krishna as all milkmaids wait for spiritually blue-skinned men. She met him and waited and met him again.

  • Author Interviews

    Joanne Dominique DwyerInterview: Poet Joanne Dominique Dwyer (Belle Laide)

    “Too much of our human existence is based on making money and getting errands done. It’s such a waste of the gift of life, not to celebrate and bring magic and mystery into the everyday.”

  • Poetry

    Siamese twinsIf This Y Could Speak

    Do I miss my half,
    my copy, who twinned me & twined
    down my spine? Yay & nay. Sometimes.

  • Essays


    tablets click into sickly amber plastic like the urine they render so urgent in reverse. click (drop), click (drop), streams of static swishing sound heard on the off-air channels of anything analog.

  • Fiction

    Girlfriend from the FutureMy Girlfriend from the Future

    Love is a choice, a commitment two people make to each other, and with this girl I was beginning to feel like that decision had already been made for me. What had Alternate Future Me been thinking?

  • Visuals

    Child in BeirutBeirut Photos by Rola Khayyat

    My interest in the intersection between art and war developed out of a personal experience, which continued to shape and inform my academic and artistic sensibility.