• Fiction

    RevelationsIntimations of Annihilations–No. 25

    “He wouldn’t make a conscious move either way but stood there tying the truth and anti-truth together.”

  • Fiction

    Baby dollJunie

    “She is battery operated,” Angel, the online sales person, had explained when Isabelle had placed her order. “But you’ll never know it.”

  • Fiction

    Woman in waterOne Hang Up

    It was the first time I’d ever heard of someone smiling at a drowning.

  • Fiction

    Native Americans in CanoeWhat We Build Upon the Ruins

    What happened to our sister would always be at the center of our lives. My family, the four of us now, would be planets forever revolving around that moment.

  • Author Interviews

    Diana KirkA Conversation with Diana Kirk, Author of Licking Flames

    “My book is…the story of a woman that takes life by the balls and squeezes everything out of it.”

  • Fiction

    Fortune BearBear Says

    This bear is the only thing that acts like I should do something other than commit suicide.

  • Poetry

    HindenburgHow do we get home from here?

    what you can’t foresee can’t hurt you but for now poked in the eye / of the storm, we hover.

  • Fiction

    Woman at BarLocal Flavor

    It’s one of those winter nights that makes you think about moving to Florida, telling the Midwest to go screw itself and holing up beside the Gulf for the rest of your life.

  • Fiction

    WindowReverie of the Absurd

    But come to think of it, to hell with that beauty. Beauty that is masked in shrouded anger is nothing worth living with.

  • Essays

    Don McLean American PieThis’ll Be the Day That I Die

    The lyrics were incomprehensible to me at the time, but I knew even then that I wanted to be Miss American Pie.